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Fastest Time to Wrap 5 Portions of Chips
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Video Description.

Guinness World Records is serving up the quintessentially British meal of fish and chips this Friday, with a successful attempt at the Fastest time to wrap five portions of chips.

Tariq Siddique - an employee at the Albany Fish Bar in Cardiff, Wales - trading since 1967 - took on the challenge to celebrate the establishment’s 50th anniversary earlier this year.

He manged to wrap five portions of chips in a speedy 48.17 seconds, narrowly breaking the previous record of 50.08 seconds.

For those thinking this record seems simple, it comes with some very strict rules.

The contestant must make sure that each portion weighs a minimum of 350 grams (12.35 oz), is topped with salt and vinegar, and wrapped in at least two sheets of paper.

After the attempt, the chips were sold at the original 1967 price of one shilling per portion and customers were encouraged to donate money to Cancer Research.

The award-winning fish and chip shop – which has had celebrity endorsements from the likes of Lady Gaga and Snoop Dogg – can now add ‘Guinness World Records title holder’ to its list of achievements.

In addition to the record attempt, Albany Fish Bar added 1960s décor to the restaurant in honour of their anniversary celebrations.

Owner Waseem Akhtar, who has run the fish bar with his family since 1986, said: "We were thinking about what we could do to celebrate our 50th birthday and we thought why not take the customers on a trip down memory lane? It's always nice to go back in time."

"Fish and chips has always been the traditional takeaway here but it's been taken over by other food recently, so it's good to remind people that a fish and chip supper is alive and kicking." - Waseem Akhtar
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